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10 Ways to Reuse Old Socks

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Recycle socks for Earth Day

For Earth Day we thought we'd compile a list of some things you can do with old socks, or for when one sock goes missing. Don't just toss that lone sock! Add your suggestions in the comments or on our Facebook Fan page.

Recycled Crafts- turn the sock into a sock puppet, bunnies or chicks.

Cleaning- Use old socks for cleaning/dust rags. Put over your hands and get those blinds!

Shine- Polish up shoes or furniture.

Garage- Use old socks to keep grease and oil from getting on surfaces.

Packing- Use as a shoe cover when putting shoes in your suitcase.

Heating pad- Take a sock, fill with rice, tie or sew up the end and use as a rice bag that you heat in the microwave (heat for just a few minutes, microwave times will vary).

Style- Wear mismatched socks! Who says they have to match?

Bottle Cover- Cut the end off the sock and put over the neck of a bottle of cooking oil, or anything else that drips. Or- put the sock on the bottom of kitchen condiments that get messy, like honey.

Fragile- Put glasses, goggles, a camera or anything else that you want to protect in a sock.

Donate- Your local donation store might take old socks to use for various reasons, or check out The Mismatched Sock.

Tell us- what do you do with old socks?