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5 Rainy Day Hacks

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When most of the country gets snow during winter, we get rain in LA.

If you live in Los Angeles, you know that it has been raining nonstop this past month.

So us here at K. Bell socks wanted to share with you some of our favorite hacks for a rainy day.

1) Hair Bun Hack

Rain puts a damper on a good hair day. To avoid stress, frizz and flyaways, put your hair in a cute sock bun.

Check out this super fun How To Article by Birchbox on achieving the perfect bun with an old pair of socks.

2) Microfiber Towel Hack

Microfiber is extremely absorbent. Keep it with you and gently tap dry your hair and clothing items that may need some loving.

3) Dental Floss Hack

For those extra windy rainy days, keep detail floss with you just in case your umbrella needs some reinforcement around the hinges.

Dental Floss is stronger than regular thread.

4) High Hemlines Hack

Here in LA, when it rains, it floods. If you don't have rainboots, keeping your pants dry can be quite difficult. Wearing high hemlines (such as a chic pair of culottes) will put your mind at ease.

5) Extra socks Hack

There is nothing worse than wet socks. Keeping some extra socks with you on a rainy day will make sure your feet stay happy and dry.

What are some of your rainy day hacks?