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Fun Socks for a Special Birthday Celebration

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Fun Socks for a Special Birthday Celebration

We make socks. We love socks. We love L.A.

Adjacent to the vibrant and glossy areas of L.A. is a place called Skid Row, located downtown east of Main St. and south of Third St., home one of the largest populations of homeless people in the United States.

An amazing organization called “Worthy of Love” ( sends volunteers to Skid Row once a month to throw a birthday celebration for the kids who reside here. K. Bell employees participated and came and came prepared with gift bags and socks.

fGift Bags

Many of these kids had never experienced a birthday party just for them. And when they arrived, their joy was palpable. Especially when they heard the music, enjoyed eating the pizza, drinks and snacks, and danced with Skiddy Cat, the Mascot of “Worthy of Love”.

hSkiddy Cat Mascot

Those who make this happen are a hardworking group of volunteers. They don’t stop once the party is over, balancing the pressures of a full-time job, personal lives, fighting traffic, and happily showing up the next month to do it again.

g Volunteers

To these kids, it wasn’t just a party. For many of them, it’s an experience they won’t forget.

gPutting on Socks Unicorn Socks

And neither will we.