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Geek Out on Nerdy Socks

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Geek Out on Nerdy Socks

Geek Out on Nerdy Socks

(In honor of today, National Embrace Your Geekness Day)

Geeks are people who love something so much that all the details matter.

- Marissa Mayer

You don’t need to look far to see we are geeks about socks. We love socks of all kinds. Cool socks. Fun socks. Comfortable socks. Funny socks. Tall socks. Short socks. We fixate on the fabric, design, stitching… everything down to how a sock feels when you put it on your foot. We know the anatomy, the physiology, the biology and the sociology of socks. Why? Because “all the details matter” to us.

I’ll bet you’re a geek about something. Maybe it’s something you will share with people, like your fantasy football stats, or maybe not, like a collection of rare beetles you keep in your mother’s basement. Maybe it’s nailing Chopin’s Fantasy-Impromptu, or fly fishing undercut banks in trout streams, the backstory to the Harry Potter mini characters, bowling a three hundred, or making the perfect Old Fashioned.

Here’s some advice on how to embrace your inner geekiness today:

Embrace what geeks you out.

Find others who geek out about this too.

Go talk to them about it! (Need the perfect conversation starter? We have socks just for the occasion 😊)