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Joy of Socks!

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It's that time again for another store feature write up. This week we're featuring Joy of Socks, one of our favorite online only retailers for all things socks and legwear! With a clean layout and some of the best selections online you're sure to find just what you're looking for!

K. Bell: How long have you been in business?
Joy of Socks: Since 1998.

KB: How would you describe your website/store to a first time visitor?
JS: Bold, fun, and bright socks, knee socks, and tights for women, men, and kids.

KB: What makes people come back to your store?
JS: Our hard to find colors and patterns, free shipping, and our amazing customer service.

KB: What is your current K. Bell best seller?
JS: Shark Mouth

KB: What are your current favorite legwear trends? How about your least favorite legwear trends?
JS: Any legwear trend is our favorite if it involves wearing socks. Our least favorite is the natural look. No bare legs and feet!

KB: What has been your most unusual request for legwear?
JS: We've been selling socks for so long that nothing is unusual anymore.

KB: Where do all the lost socks go?
JS: We will never tell........

Thank you so much to the Joy of Socks for taking the time to chat with us and make sure you head on over there for a great selection of K. Bell socks!!!