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K. Bell Holiday Gift Guide

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Christmas is exactly a month away, and gift shopping isn't always easy. So I have put together a mini K. Bell Holiday Gift Guide to relieve some of your shopping stress.

1) K.Bell Tote Bags

With the no plastic bag law here in LA, and other cities in this country, tote bags have become a must have.

Going green is a beautiful movement and with our new K.Bell Tote bags we can do it together! I'm not sure about you, but I am always forgetting to bring my shopping bags, so having this tote in my purse is super convenient. It shrinks down to fit in the small clip-on-pouch that it comes with and makes transporting simple. Plus, it's a perfect stocking stuffer!


2) K.Bell Sweatshirt Blanket

We all know with the Holiday, comes the cold. There are many ways of staying warm over the winter, my personal favorite is drinking a warm cup of coffee while cuddled in a blanket with my dogs and reading a brand new book. If you know someone like me, this is the perfect gift for them. Give the gift of warmth with the new K.Bell Sweatshirt Blanket. It is perfect to wrap the entire family in, furry or not. You can also add to the gift with a pair of matching socks.


3) Secret Sock Surprise!

This last one is for all the indecisive shoppers out there. Say hello to the Secret Sock Surprise!

We made it even easier for you this year to get your shopping done. Let the K.Bell team pick out your gift. We put our brilliant sock picking minds together and choose 12 pairs of awesome socks for you. So simple, and fun, and when the time comes for gift unraveling, it's a guaranteed surprise for everyone.


I hope this helped!

I would love to hear your personal holiday shopping guides and tips!