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Leaning against a brick wall on Melrose Avenue waiting in line for the doors of a boutique to open, a kid wearing a blue ball cap gives me a head nod. The queue of people, comprised of the young, middle-aged and old alike, stretches down the sidewalk and into the back alley. Curious about what’s going on, I stop to ask. The kid in the blue ball cap says today is the day that a particular set of Limited Edition hoodies “drop”. He tells me he’s not missing out. It appears that neither are the dozens of others here, waiting in line.

This situation is not uncommon. Limited Edition items have become more than a passing cultural phase. Whether it is a Coca-Cola bottle featuring pop-art, Star Wars themed loafers, or a red iPhone, exclusivity doesn’t go out of style. It gives people a chance to be in on something others don’t know about, or can’t get. Commodities made in finite quantities harken back to the days when things weren’t mass-manufactured. In a sense, Limited Edition is the essence of retro. And retro, in its many forms, doesn’t seem to go out of style.

Speaking of retro, the inspiration for our Limited Edition line this month is from retro artist Josh Agle.

SHAG Artwork

Agle, who goes by the name “Shag”, is a world-renowned artist influenced by elements of commercial illustrations from the 50's and 60's often associated with jazz album covers and educational films. His art pumps up the color palette of this cubist, flattened, abstract style, and Agle adds a touch that is uniquely his own. To read our Q&A with Shag, click here. To see his art collection online, click here. His style reflects a fun vibrancy that meshes well with K. Bell’s slogan that fun is always in fashion.

When Karen Bell started this company in 1979, she was hand-designing socks for friends and family. The socks she made were not mass-produced… Each one was unique... There was a finite supply... They were exclusive… Nearly 40 years later, we are bringing a bit of the past into the present with our Limited Edition line: Three styles for men and three styles for women. Each style is hand-designed in-house, and a finite number of each is being made. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

We have worked above and beyond to make these socks special. Constructed with heal / toe cushioning, arch compression and comfortability that will leave you feeling as cool as you’ll look wearing them. The cherry on top of the sundae, so to speak, is that each sock is designed with cutting edge 360-degree print technology, so the artwork will look good on or off the foot.

On November 17th at 9:00 am PST, we are dropping our Limited Edition socks. You will want to act quickly because they are available for only 36 hours and there is a very limited supply being made! With the holidays on our heels, these will be great stocking stuffers. However, when you see them you may not want to give them away!