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Limited Edition Socks for the Holidays

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Limited Edition Socks for the Holidays

Walking outside of the local mall, it’s hard not to notice the outrageously festive department store windows that recreate Christmas scenes celebrating the best of the holidays with stunning artwork and moving displays. However, it’s also not hard to ignore the frazzled parents, last-minute shoppers, and lack of parking spaces.

While many shoppers still choose brick-and-mortar stores to do their holiday shopping each year, more people are opting out of trips the mall and are logging into a favorite online retail website to do their gift shopping… Especially for more specific, niche gifts that won’t be found in most malls or department stores (like that Pokémon Pikachu Coin Bank with over 200 sounds and phrases?).

Still looking for that perfect gift? Celebrating the work of our in-house designers, K. Bell brings you a new group of exclusive and unique Limited Edition socks. Given the creative freedom to develop amazing artwork for printing, these designers added their artistic and distinct personalities to this collection. Here’s a look at the two designers we selected to work on this project.

When did you discover your interest in design?

KELI: At a very young age—not sure what age exactly. I was mostly interested in fashion and drawing, then design. I remember in kindergarten realizing I had artistic skill. I’m pretty sure I wanted to be a buyer and stylist before design, but eventually came to the conclusion that I wanted to execute the things I think of.

LIZ: I first discovered design in college, at the University of New Hampshire. I was a theatre major and discovered costume design. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, but instead transitioned into costume and then fashion design.

Who or what are your primary artistic influences?

KELI: Honestly, they always change. I get obsessed with something, then I’m over it. I’m currently into a lot of luxury, graffiti, and streetwear. Graphic-wise, I love Jules Muck, KTZ, Peter Dundas (for everything) and Jeremy Scott / Moschino.

LIZ: Erté, Shepard Fairey, Vivienne Westwood, Kate Moss, Hayao Miyazaki… how’s that for eclectic?

What was the inspiration for the designs featured in the Limited Edition series?

KELI: I was given direction—but my way of executing I guess was the most collaborative collage of art medias combined with the least expected interpretation of the concept. For me, it is usually “dreamlike” or a combination of what I am feeling at the time or want to feel.

LIZ: Fantasy illustration. I am a big science fiction and fantasy fan, so the opportunity to sketch Pegasus, a mermaid, and fairies was really fun.

Tell us, what is the hardest thing about designing socks?

KELI: Being limited

LIZ: I guess the hardest part is size restrictions. Socks are not exactly a huge canvas. But it is an opportunity to be really creative, which I love.

What's your sock personality?

KELI: The crazier the better

LIZ: The cooler the better

You won’t want to miss out on these exclusive socks, because they will be made in a finite supply and once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good! These exclusive Limited Edition socks drop this Friday, December 8th at 9:00 am EST. And the star on top of the Christmas tree? You won’t have to battle the holiday crowds because these socks are only available online at