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Pink Pineapples: The Season’s Hottest, and Strangest, New Fruit

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Pink Pineapples: The Season’s Hottest, and Strangest, New Fruit
If you love unique food and drinks, there is good news for you because pink pineapples now exist. Scientists have been hard at work on what’s important, creating and cross-developing fantastic new fruits to spice up your summer parties. In case you're wondering, these are real FDA approved pineapples. How does it work? Their pink pigment comes from the addition of Lycopene, the phytonutrient known primarily for its red coloring properties. It is most prominently known for giving tomatoes their red pigment.

These pineapples have a sweeter taste than what we are used to, which presents fun new options, especially when hosting a get-together. Having friends over this Sunday night for “Game of Thrones”? Add a pop of color to your frozen rosé cocktail or pink piña coladas to enjoy with a tropical coconut bath - you can create your very own island oasis!

Pineapples aren’t the only fruit to make headlines. Cotton candy grapes have piqued the curiosity of many. These surprisingly sweet, cotton candy-tasting grapes are grown in California, and people are crazy about them. Try spearing two together and placing them to the rim of your cotton candy cocktail.

Combining sweets and fruit will add innovative, while not over-the-top, flair to your cocktails, fruit salad, and desserts. So start experimenting with these fun new additions!

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