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Fun Socks for Shark Tank Fans

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Fun Socks for Shark Tank Fans
With four Emmys to its name, Shark Tank is no passing fad. Fans watch eagerly every fall and winter to see tycoons Mark Cuban, Barbara Concoran, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary judge what American entrepreneurs have to offer. As one of our favorite shows on fall TV, Shark Tank has us on the edge of our seats every week.

(Note our view every Sunday during fall and winter above.)

In honor of our favorite fall TV show hitting its 200th episode coming up in 2018, we’ve put together the best socks to wear while you watch Shark Tank. So grab some popcorn, or maybe some goldfish crackers, don these shark socks, and imagine what business you’d come up with to wow the hosts.

For the Diehards:


If you wouldn’t even consider leaving the house on Sunday evening during Shark Tank season, if you keep up with your favorite contestants and have a list of 10 ideas for business ideas you know will wow the judges at all times, you’re a diehard. And we have a fun sock for you. In both men’s and women’s sock styles, these wide-mouth shark socks are the perfect apparel for watching famous people listen to crazy entrepreneurial ideas on fall TV.

For the Groupies:

Groupies Shark

For some, watching Shark Tank is a group affair. And for your weekly watch parties, K. Bell has got you covered. Well, your feet anyway. These fun women’s socks come in a six pack so no toe will be cold while watching the action onscreen.

For the Lone Shark:

Lone Shark Tank Fans

On the other hand, some ritual TV shows are so sacred, they must be enjoyed solo. We get it. We don’t think you’re weird. We’re so supportive of your solo Shark Tank mission, we have a fun men’s sock just as fierce as your obsession with this fall TV hit.

For the Guppies:

Kid's Shark Tank Fan

Not all Shark Tank fans are the size of great whites. These kid’s piranha fish socks are the perfect socks for your budding fall TV fans. The whole family can have fun socks from K. Bell to watch this engrossing reality fall TV show together.

K. Bell loves making fun socks for our customers, and we love to feed your passions with our designs. And Shark Tank fans are a ferocious group. Keep your feet warm with fun shark socks this fall.