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The Hosiery Horoscope: Socks for Your Zodiac

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The Hosiery Horoscope: Socks for Your Zodiac
We’re no psychic readers, but when it comes to picking the perfect fashion sock, we do know a thing or two. If you’re looking for a fun fashion sock for yourself or a gift for a friend, your choice is in the stars. Check out our selection of K. Bell socks picked just for your sign.

Aries (March 20- April 19)

Independent, strong and maybe a little moody. As the first zodiac sign, you Aries are as fiery as they come, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. For these natural born leaders and trailblazers, only a truly crazy sock will do.

This Hot-N-Spicy Style should show off your personality well. And for the Aries gentlemen, we think this fire-breathing dragon should be just the right dose of personality for your feet.

As one of the most intense signs in the zodiac, you, Aries, set the world ablaze with your vision. Get a crazy sock as trendsetting as you are. Just don’t light yourself on fire, ok?

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Bell not included in sock order. Even though we’re K. Bell. It’s confusing, we know.

Ah, reliable Taurus. One of the most sensible signs of the zodiac, there’s no accident that your symbol mooooves at its own pace. As the bull sign, you’re trustworthy, loyal and pretty darn stubborn. If you’re a woman Taurus, this tubular cow sock is a great one for you.

Not only does this sock appeal to the, erm, bovine sensibilities of Taurus, it also has non-skid grippers. As the most down-to-earth sign, is there anything better than a fashion sock that helps you stay grounded? We think not.

But the Taurus man will always appreciate some solid earth tones:

Gemini (May 21-June20)


Gemini, you have an intense relationship with summer.

Symbolized by the twins, there is no more versatile sign in the zodiac. Any psychic reader will tell you that a Gemini is witty and imaginative. But with all that imagination, making decisions can be tough for a Gemini. After all, they are two in one! Geminis being born in June also tend to love summer. We’re positive these funky summer fashion socks make a fantastic gift for a Gemini.

And for Gemini guys, we know you're the life of the party. Get ready to strut your stuff in these fashion-forward flamingo socks.

No matter what the impulsive Gemini wants to do, there’s a perfect, fun sock waiting for a day of sunshine and adventure.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)


You on the inside.

They may seem tough on the outside, but inside, a Cancer is as soft as a lobster roll at a seaside buffet. That’s just the way they are. If you try to hurt one, watch out for pinchers! But if you’re lucky enough to be friends with a Cancer, you know how fiercely they love their friends and family. And if you’re a Cancer, please don’t pinch us with your claws. Buy these fun fashion socks instead.



After all, you deserve some legwear that’s as dependable as you.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)


Please don’t bite us.

If there’s one word you can use to describe a Leo, it’s expressive. Fun, flirtatious and fiery AF, you always know where you stand with this sign. You won’t have to ask, they’ll tell you first. They’re the life of the party, which means that they deserve some crazy fashion socks as bold as they are. Ultimately we love our Leos so much we couldn't pick just one perfect sock. Get ready to dominate whatever you're up against with these amazing winged gladiator socks for day, and these fun and fancy-free unicorn slippers for night. #HelloLeo, we've got you girl!


Oh, but don’t worry, Leo guys. We’ve got a crazy cool sock for you, too. Let your socks tell everyone what you're really thinking, with these "Like a Boss" crews. We think they're perfect for your next job interview or first date ;)

Like a Boss

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)


Observant and perfectionistic, Virgo is an earth sign with a lot of analytical abilities. They can be very critical, but the strength of this sign is that Virgos are gifted at pushing friends, lovers and themselves to their highest potential. To blossom, if you will. As a sensory sign, there is no better sock for a discerning Virgo than these:



Made with a lot of creativity and attention to detail, this is a fashion sock made to suit this pure-hearted sign.

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)


We don’t know if this guy is a Libra, but he sure looks like one.

Life is a balancing act for everybody, but especially for popular, diplomatic Libras. If you’re a Libra, you already know you’re probably the life of the party. But to a Libra, balance is everything. A little work, a lot of fun. A little diplomacy, a lot of fun. A little anything, a lot of fun. You get the idea. You know something else that is fun but requires good balance? Bicycles. There’s no better crazy sock than these cool bicycle socks for the Libra in your life.

Bike Socks

Check out this great style for men and for women.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22)


As independent homebodies, sometimes it can be hard getting a Scorpio to come out of their shell. They’re a guarded, downright complicated sign. But buried deep in the Scorpio is a marvelous sense of humor, if you’re lucky enough to ever see it. There is a great crazy sock out there for Scorpios, though. Here it is.



A hidden hilarious treasure, just like a Scorpio. This homebody won’t have to feel too loud when out and about, but a Scorpio can always appreciate a secret. Especially a funny one.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)


A Sagittarius’s dream.

If there is any zodiac sign made for long road trips, it’s surely Sagittarius. Symbolized by the explorer, this fire sign is always looking for new ideas and places. Unjealous and free spirited, a Sagittarius is primed for adventure at every turn. To support their wanderlust, give them a crazy fashion sock as free spirited as they are.

These crazy adventure socks make a great gift for a Sagittarius—that is, if you can’t take them on a trip down Route 66. Or for women, a trip up in a hot air balloon!

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19)


Get fashion socks that stay warm up there!

Climb every mountain, that’s the Capricorn motto. Capricorn is an earth sign with a mountain goat as a symbol. Naturally gifted at working hard and being dedicated, Capricorns make great friends and business partners. A gift for a Capricorn should be practical, but never dull. A great striped fashion sock is a perfect gift for a Capricorn in your life.

With a twist on the traditional stripe, these tall socks are made of wool. Perfect to keep the Capricorn’s feet warm all winter long. Not a crazy sock, but that’s perfect for this earth-bound sign.

Men also can’t go wrong with a great stripe.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 19)


You share a sign with this lady, lucky.

Intelligent. Dreamer. Weirdo. Hey, we didn’t invent the zodiac! Aquarius is a confusing sign. For one, even though it’s called Aquarius, it’s not a water sign but an air sign. If your sign itself is that confusing, you know the people falling under this sign will be quirky. Social and hopeful, an Aquarius loves a lot of color in his or her life. When you want to give a gift to this sign, we say be as tastefully fun as they are.

With swirling and vivid yellows, orange and green, these socks make an impression on this creative, loving and artistic sign.

And men’s socks are no less creative.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)


Don’t fret! We have crazy socks for you.

Pisces is, simply, the Latin word for fish. And, just like a fish, they are adaptable and go with the flow as you can get. Intuitive thinkers and great friends, a Pisces will always be appreciative of a gift. In fact, the only sign who loves gifts more than Pisces may be the Scorpio! As a water sign, the gifts you could give a Pisces are as boundless as the ocean, and we created an entire collection of Pisces-approved styles.

In a sea of socks, these leg-eating men's trout are such a standout!

Whatever the occasion, you don’t have to be a psychic reader to get the perfect pair of fashion socks from K. Bell for yourself or a loved one.