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Socks That Save The Day (Literally)

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Socks That Save The Day (Literally)

Summer can be a challenging time for choosing socks. Trust me, going sockless is not always the answer on hot summer days, especially when wearing shoes. Here are some suggestions for the times when socks are a must.

The Workout

- Look for a sock that is moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry.

- For no show workout socks, a rubber gripper on the inside heel of the sock will be your BFF. It is designed to keep the sock from slipping and will help prevent those nagging heel blisters.

- Don’t underestimate the power of good arch support to aid in preventing foot fatigue.

The Shopping Trip

- Waiting in the grocery line for twenty-five minutes is not fun. Add comfort to this tedious task by wearing socks with extra cushioning.

- Who knows who you’ll run into. Wearing a quirky pair can be a great conversation piece.

- Have you ever worn a pair of socks that are too thick for the hot weather? Me too. Don’t make that mistake again and wear something light and breathable. Your body will thank you.

The Party

- What… take off my shoes? Don’t get caught wearing boring socks all evening. Be sure to wear a pair you’ll be proud to show off all night long.

- It’s a party, dance your socks off! What sock fits your style?

- Themed party? Perfect. There are socks here for nearly any occasion to help you stand out in the crowd.

The Day Off

- Ahh, a day off! Take off your shoes and put on a comfy pair of socks to relax in.

- Hardwood floors? Look for socks that have grippers on the bottom. Unfortunately, they’ll keep you from sliding across the floor like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but it will also keep you from breaking your tailbone in the process.

- And hey, if you want to go sockless, do it. It’s your day off!