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Some are Silver and Some are Gold!

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This week is national new friends and old friends week. Like the old saying says, make new friends but keep the old ones. There are few things in life that you are able to count on, but friends are always there for you. We took a walk down memory lane and wanted to share some of our favorite famous friends!
No matter how wild Calvin's ideas were Hobbes was always there to help him try out his scheme, cover for him when he'd gone to far, or be the voice of reason in a desperate situation.

Fred & Barney, though always seeming to be at eachother's throat in reality they're just like your dad and his best friend, passionate about dinosaurs, their rockin' (literally) mobiles, and their uber babe wives.

My favorite cat and dog duo, Garfield and Odie, are typical for their breeds: Garfield giving on an air of independence and Odie so desperate to be loved and needed. Although an often one sided relationship we know when Jon is looking those two are curled up on the couch watching out for each other.

Perhaps one of the most classic duos, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, they show us what BFF really means! Although we really wish Snoopy would have told Charlie to change his shirt once in awhile.

Rocky and Bullwinkle had it hard always having to dodge the malicious Boris and kniving Natasha, no matter what the get away plan was, they were always there flying and fighting to help eachother out!

Ditzy, scared, and a little wacky are the first words that come to mind to describe Shaggy and Scooby Doo. Always getting themselves into spooky situations, we can imagine them doing it alone!

We hope these friends inspire you to call your friends, send them a note, or maybe send them some Socks with Thoughts!