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Store Feature: Sock Dreams

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Have you even gone to a city and found a store that you just love, are able to find exactly what you're looking for, and wish you could take home with you? Well here's another to add to your list, one of our favorites, Sock Dreams in Portland, Oregon.

We asked owner Niq, to answer a few questions for us about their shop:

K. Bell: 1. How long have you been in business?
Sock Dreams: Almost 11 Years

KB: How would you describe your website/store to a first time visitor?
SD: We have a never ending assortment of socks with something for just about everyone, complete with honest opinions and sizing tips.

KB: What makes people come back to your store?
SD: an amazing selection along with great customer service, good prices and free shipping.

KB: What is your current K. Bell best seller?
SD: The Peacock Feather knee high, followed closely by the Button Ribbed OTKs.

KB: What are your current favorite legwear trends? How about your least favorite legwear trends?
SD: I'm loving the modern take on Victorian styles I've been seeing more of lately. Least favorite would be a tie between Jeggings and the distressed/ripped look with high price tags.

KB: What has been your most unusual request for legwear?
SD: you don't really want to know and thankfully I seem to have forgotten.

KB: Where do all the lost socks go?
SD: I used to believe they went into the mysterious space outside the washbasket in the machine, but now that I have a front loader that isn't possible yet they still vanish. If you find out please tell me because I miss them.

Follow Sock Dreams on Facebook, Twitter, and their Sock Journal and next time you find yourself in Portland, stop in say hi to Niq and the crew there and fulfill all your sock dreams!