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Store Feature: Soxx Shop

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Its time again for one of our store features. This time we got the chance to talk to Nina of Soxx Shop, who has two stores in the Pittsburgh area. One in downtown Pittsburgh, in Station Square, the historic train station on the river. And the other in the Airmall, at Pittsburgh International Airport.

K. Bell: How long have you been in business?
Sox Appeal: We have been in business for 21 years.

KB: How would you describe your website/store to a first time visitor?
SA: Our two stores are fun, upbeat, and full of surprises!!

KB: What makes people come back to your store?
SA: People come back to our stores for the amazing, hand-picked selection and for our caring customer service!

KB: What is your current K. Bell best seller?
SA:Flip-flop socks and anything over-the-knee, especially fun stripes.

KB: What are your current favorite legwear trends? How about your least favorite legwear trends?
SA: I love the crochet anklets, over-the-knees, and tights. They can be both feminine and funky. I am not a fan of the vinyl-look leggings and over-the-knees.

KB: What has been your most unusual request for legwear?
SA: Colorful toeless (not footless!) pantyhose!!!

KB: Where do all the lost socks go?
SA:They are not far off.....never give up hope!

If you find yourself traveling through Pittsburgh makes sure you stop off at one of Soxx Shop's fabulous locations, say "Hi!" to Nina and her crew and check out the awesome K. Bell product they carry!