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Fun Fall Crews

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Fun Fall Crews
Fall brings with it changing temperatures, the occasional blow-the-diet pumpkin-flavored treats, and of course, great crew socks. Though Fall doesn’t technically arrive until September 22nd, it unofficially begins the day after Labor Day, when tans begin to fade, and school is back in session. Here are some crew socks that go well with the Fall season.

Featured above: Our Men’s American Football Crew Socks

One Fall, when I was a little boy with a crew cut and torn Converse, I received a miniature football as a gift. It was made of foam and about the size of my six-year-old hand. It was a simple toy—no batteries of course. This tiny foam football came to represent a deliberate collision of the joyful, lucrative and loud game that has become synonymous with Fall. Tailgating in the parking lot before the game has become a pastime in itself. So whether you are bundled up for a freezing cold game, or enjoying the earlier warmer games, these men’s crew socks are perfect to wear or to give as a gift this Fall.

Featured above: Our American Flag Crew Sock

Fall is a great time to reconnect with the outdoors. While you may not necessarily associate American flag socks with the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with these best-selling crew socks. Regardless of whether you are wearing them yourself or giving them as a gift this Fall, rest assured that these comfortable, colorful, and patriotic crew socks will feel fantastic on your feet, and go nicely with a leisurely stroll outdoors.

Featured above: Our Men’s Mustache Crew Sock

No Shave November, otherwise known as “Movember” has become our notable and eccentric Fall holiday. Not just because mustaches are classically iconic but because Movember has become an annual event to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Men all over the world grow mustaches in solidarity, much to the chagrin of their girlfriends and mothers. Have a special man in your life who is participating this November? This Mustache Crew is a perfect gift, as well as a great way to support him even if you don’t like his patchy attempt at facial hair. Are YOU participating? Okay, then this Men’s Mustache Crew is a Fall must-have.

Featured above: Embroidered Rose Crew Socks

Perhaps you prefer not to think about matching your clothes, or maybe you just love the simplicity of neutrals. If this is you, this crew will keep you comfortable as well as looking great this Fall. This crew sock adds an element of elegance to your style and makes for a great gift this Fall.

Featured above: Our Men’s Craft Beers Crew Socks

Have you ever seen a local brewery with people in a line that stretches out of the door and into the sidewalk? Me too. Each fall, breweries everywhere release seasonal beers that people go nuts over. There is something of a Fall season phenomenon, and nothing couples better with it than this Men’s Craft Beers Crew Sock. Going to the pub? This crew is for you.

Featured above: Our Men’s Elephant With Glasses Crew Socks

This quirky Elephant with Glasses Men’s Crew sock is both versatile and fun, regardless of what your plans may be. These crew socks work in a myriad of situations, whether you’re practicing Argentine Tango to an electric guitar, sipping cocktails in a basement-level speakeasy, booking a stay at a century old Air BnB, eating midnight breakfast at a rock ‘n’ roll bar, or eating take-out and watching Netflix at home on your couch. Don’t pass this elephant crew by!