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Hold 'Em Up!
Thursday, January 06, 2011

While hunting around on Etsy the other night I stumbled across my new favorite accessory: sock garters by SWANclothing. Now much like the ones men used to wear in the 50's, sock garter designer Tara, has redone the vintage look with a twist. Designed originally for a men's shoe blogger these adorable accessories have become quite the rage! The best part? The garters aren't just for women and can be worn as either to hold up your crews, knee highs or even thigh highs.

"Made from thrifted recycled leather and stretchy elastic. Anchored flatteringly with leather at the front & back. Topped off with a silver metal swan bead. And a clip for your socks in front." Simple and elegant, we just can't get enough!

Although her store is closed at the moment while she's on vacation sign up to get the email for when she returns. As well you can check out the SWANclothing blog for regular updates!