K. Bell- Kid's Socks

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K. Bell- Kid's Socks
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't drag your feet to school. Make them happy with our adorable kids socks. They run from solid brights to neon stripes to sports prints that will put any kid in the mood for a game of kickball. Moreover, all of our kids socks come in festive hues that will light up their day. No matter what your child's personal style is, there's a pair of socks waiting to be worn just for them.

Mix and match new, vibrant socks with your old ones! Get into the swing of things by grabbing a pair of Stripe 6 Pair Pack Socks that provide a flash of highlighter green, yellow, blue and so on with solid black stripes. Enjoy fun graphics and circle patterns in a variety of two-tone colors like dark red with turquoise blue and ash gray with bold orange in our Circles Six Pack Pair socks. If you'd rather get wild, we've got leopard and zebra print socks, or perhaps you'd prefer a set of socks based off of a football field, all in bright colors and zany prints.

Our no-show socks fit perfectly under any pair of sneakers. Starting at $8.99 per pack, they're a great value for the kid on the go. Try all of our K. Bell kids socks!



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