Socks with Thoughts Testimonials!

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Socks with Thoughts Testimonials!
Thursday, May 12, 2011

We're crazy about our Socks with Thoughts! The wearable greeting that you can send to your friends and family for every and any occasion! These greetings come wrapped up in a pair of brightly colored socks all you have to do is write your personalized note, throw them in the included envelope, pop some postage on there and put them in the mail!

Read below what some happy Socks with Thoughts customers have said about their experiences:

"My 91 year old grandmother received a pair and thought they were "so pretty," and they are too pretty to wear so she has them displayed on her vanity"

"Everytime I wear these socks I think of the person who gave them to me - what a great way to start the day"

"I sent these to my mom and when she received them she called me at work crying telling me she loved me! I sent her the "you are my heart and sole" and added in my note. She said she loved it and it made her feel so special."

We even received a picture from Maria showing us how she used them for her friend's baby shower, including them in the diaper cake she made!

Check out the video here and you can get yours here!